A Word (or Two) By Way of Introduction

I am a 53-year-old graduate of the University Of Virginia School Of Law, with an undergraduate degree in English from Spring Hill College. For the past 28 years, I have worked as a trial attorney in South Florida.  I also am (or at various times have been) a husband, an author (of several peer-reviewed professional articles and three children’s books, The Bunt, Rounding Third and Todd’s Story), a poet, the editor of a college creative writing publication (The Motley), a little league baseball coach,  a boss, an adjunct professor of law (at Southern Methodist University and St. Thomas University), a college disc jockey, the founder and organizer (for 10 years) of a charity golf tournament benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the new kid in town, a problem-solver (or so I have fancied myself), a shoulder to cry on, a sometimes understanding listener, and a lecturer – to name just a few of my roles.  Most importantly, however, I am and for the past 26 and 24 years, respectively, have been the “dad” of a remarkable son and an equally remarkable and courageous daughter, who are my pride and joy.  In the end, this blog is intended to honor them by sharing some of the multitude of things I’ve learned about myself, life, love, faith and parenting as a result of my having the privilege to be their dad.  I invite you to join me along the way and share your own thoughts in the hope that, through our collective wisdom, others will find comfort, inspiration and healing!

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