Father’s Day 2003

A Father’s Day Card – to My Son and Daughter

Dear Greg and Ashley, Every year, about this time, you guys ask me “what I want for Father’s Day” and each year I’m pretty sure my answer has been the same: “I don’t really want or need anything.”  It’s not that I’m trying to be difficult or save a little money.  It’s just that, where Father’s Day is concerned, I already have been blessed with my gifts – the two of you – and the neat (and unique) thing about those gifts is that, each day, for the past 17 and 15 years, I get to “re-open” them, I get to see parts of them I’ve never seen before.  Sometimes the gifts change, they grow, they mature, they become more beautiful, more handsome – more complicated. Sometimes it’s my view of the gifts, rather than the gifts themselves, that changes – I see their many facets from a different perspective – and I’m intrigued, at times amazed, at the things I see, things I certainly must have seen before, but never fully appreciated.  I love and admire my gifts.  I am incredibly proud of them and I am eager to share them with everyone I meet.  At the same time, I am (or have tried to be) very protective of those gifts, I only want what’s best for them and I’m careful, within my limits, not to let any harm come to them.  I am eternally grateful for my gifts and for all of the love and the joy they have given me in return.  What do I want or need for Father’s Day?  The answer is easy: I want the two of you to know that this Father’s Day I already will have received the greatest gift a dad could ask for – the privilege and joy of spending another day with you!

With All My Love,


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