Chapter 10 – Seeing Kelsey Struggle Again – For The “First” Time

As his interest in baseball continued to evaporate, Todd spent more and more time at home.  At first, he kept to himself, hiding out in his room and making it very clear to everyone else in the house just how miserable he was and how much he wanted to be left alone.  After a few days, however, the brooding came to an end, and Todd reluctantly rejoined the family.

As he did so, Todd began to notice things about Kelsey that he was sure he must have seen before, but never really paid much attention to.  He saw how she struggled, often in the privacy and silence of her room, to do the simplest of everyday tasks – things that Todd and his friends took for granted.  Day after day, he witnessed Kelsey’s frustration as she wrestled with the laces on her shoes to tie the most basic of knots – a knot that Todd could tie in a matter of seconds.  He watched as she fumbled clumsily with the over-sized buttons on her blouse.  At times, Kelsey’s frustration boiled over and turned to anger, as she labored against the clock to dress and groom herself before heading off to school or church.

Over time, Todd grew to greatly admire his little sister and her persistence.  More than once, he found himself silently applauding her eventual successes and was deeply touched by the joy that was evident on her face as she achieved even the smallest of victories.  It wasn’t long before Todd realized just how difficult the challenges were that Kelsey faced every day – challenges that, in Todd’s mind, had to be far greater than learning to hit a baseball.

When he did, Todd’s self-pity disappeared and was replaced by an overwhelming sense of shame and embarrassment at how quickly he had given up in the face of his own struggles.  It was at that moment, inspired by his sister, that Todd made the most important decision of his young life – he was not going to give up what he had grown to love so much without a fight.

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