Tiny Windows To Our Soul – Looking Beyond The Teardrops

At one time or another, all of us have had moments in our lives when tears silently, unexpectedly, almost reflexively, streamed down our face. Maybe they were precipitated by a scene in a movie, a passage in a book, a song on the radio or a photograph. Perhaps they accompanied the achievement of a milestone in our or a loved one’s life, a particularly moving or inspiring artistic or athletic performance, being the beneficiary of a much needed word of acknowledgment or encouragement or simply a fond memory revisited. Sometimes it happens in a public place, when a quick glance around the room is all that’s required to confirm that we are the only one moved to tears by what we’re witnessing or hearing and so we struggle to hide them and gather ourselves.

It’s happened to me a lot, so often, in fact, that my kids, family members and friends routinely make fun of me for it. Heck, it even happened during a post-game dugout speech to a group of 8 year-old little leaguers, who, despite entering the game with an 0-11 record, beat a previously undefeated and seemingly invincible rival. Predictably, they (and their parents), never let me live that one down! Truth is, however, I’ve thought a lot about those “moments” over the last several years and I’ve come to realize that they (and the tears that flow from them) are nothing to be embarrassed about.  Certain “moments” uniquely affect us in the way they do for a reason. There’s something about them that strikes a chord within us. They and the tears they bring with them provide us with tiny glimpses into our soul.

Over the next several days, I thought I’d share some of those “moments” from my own life with you – likely through a simple You Tube or internet link (without further comment, at least for the time being). I do it not with the expectation that you will be similarly moved or inspired by what you see and hear, though you may very well be. But rather, so that you will get to know me a little more intimately (i.e., the things that bring me joy, that inspire me, that resonant within me for one reason or another, etc.) and, perhaps, seize the opportunity to begin reflecting on the moments in your own life that for reasons that likely are worth exploring brought you to tears.  Might as well dive right in . . .

Trust Those Who Know You Best And Love You Most: You Are Far More Capable Than You Think


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