The Monarch – A Case Study In Patience

“. . . at a time when it is likely most restless, the Monarch instinctively knows that its life depends on its ability to remain very still for another few hours, while the fluid in its abdomen is pumped into the veins of its tiny wings. Were it to do otherwise (i.e., were the Monarch to attempt to fly before the fluid transfer is complete), its wings would dry crumpled—leaving the Monarch helpless to escape waiting predators or find the food it needs to flourish. And so it does what is required: it remains still for just a few more hours, and its patience is richly rewarded—with the ability to fly in splendor for the remainder of its life.”

An Excerpt from “The Monarch” –   “Dear Ashley . . .” – A Father’s Reflections and Letters to His Daughter on Life, Love and Hope.

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