A Less “Public” Form Of Courage

“My journey has led me to embrace a more expansive definition of courage, one that plainly is broad enough to encompass the more traditional acts [of bravery] that all of us rightfully associate with the word, while at the same time recognizing as equally courageous the often more subtle, sometimes almost imperceptible, and always far less public choices that many people make, not for the sake of saving someone else’s life, but in deciding to live another day, and in the process, save their own. I found that definition, oddly enough, in the words of beatnik writer, James Neil Hollingworth (1933–1996), who, writing under the pen name Ambrose Redmoon, once described courage ‘[not as] the absence of fear, but rather [as a] judgment that something else is more important than fear’.”

An Excerpt from “A Young Mother And Her Two Little Boys” –   “Dear Ashley . . .” – A Father’s Reflections and Letters to His Daughter on Life, Love and Hope.

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