A Campaign Speech – For President Of A Different Kind (1998)

In the Fall of 1998, I had the privilege of serving as my daughter’s Campaign Manager in her quest to become the Student Council President – of her 4th Grade Class.  Actually, truth be told, I appointed myself to the post!  One of my “keepsakes” is the “Stump Speech” that, together with her radiant smile, acting talent and engaging personality, likely resulted in her landslide victory.  I thought, given the campaign season, that it might be an opportune time to blow the dust off that speech – in the hope that it might inspire Messrs. Obama and Romney:

Hi!  My name is Ashley Blackwell and I want to be YOUR Student Council President.

I’m CONFIDENT that I’ll be a GOOD PRESIDENT, because:

  1. I’m a HARD WORKER;
  3. I want to make Westminster THE BEST SCHOOL IT CAN BE; and
  4. I think I have some GOOD IDEAS.

First, I want to be a President for ALL STUDENTS, so the first thing I’m going to do if I’m elected is to create a “BRIGHT IDEA BOX,” where each of you can share your ideas on how to make Westminster a better school.

Second, I also dream of one day eating lunch in a SPACIOUS, AIR-CONDITIONED CAFETERIA!  To do our part to make that dream come true, I want to help organize STUDENT FUNDRAISERS to raise money for a Cafeteria Building Fund.

Third, I want to make it easier for NEW STUDENTS to feel WELCOME at Westminster.  If I’m elected President, I hope to organize a “BUDDY SYSTEM” that will help new students find their way around and hopefully make friends more quickly.

Finally, if I’m elected President, I promise to BRING AN END TO HOMEWORK!

Well, unfortunately, there are some things I just can’t do.  BUT THERE ARE LOTS OF THINGS I CAN AND WILL DO IF YOU ELECT ME TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT!

I’m Ashley Blackwell and I would be HONORED to be YOUR Student Council President.  I would APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE!!!

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