Mitch, The Davis Family And Dr. Mac

There are so many who contributed to making “Dear Ashley” the treasure it has become. You’ve “met” a number of them over the last few days, but there are others: (1) Mitch Albom (, the best-selling author of “tuesdays with morrie,” “the five people you meet in heaven,” “for one more day” and, most recently, “the time keeper,” who so graciously granted me permission to use his column entitled, “Father, Son Provide Games Golden Moment” to serve as the cornerstone for one of my favorite chapters in the book (Chapter 18: “Derek and Jim – Finding Joy And Wonder In The Uncertainty Of The Journey”); (2) Libby, Katie and Robert Davis for allowing me to further honor the memory of Libby’s deceased husband and Katie and Robert’s dad, Chuck Davis, by using a very personal letter that I wrote to Chuck shortly before his death as the centerpiece for Chapter 20: “Chuck – Giving Is Living”; and (3) Dr. Richard MacKenzie, an extraordinary “giver” in his own right (, not just for “reminding” me about the criticality of trust in general, but in patiently educating me as to the indispensable role it plays in the eating disorder recovery process (Chapter 6: “Dr. Mac – The Value of Trust”).  Simply put, three chapters in the book would not have existed or certainly would not have been as compelling as they are without each of these “contributors” and for them (and their contributions) I will always be grateful.

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