Why Make A Trip To Hallmark When You Can Visit The “Hearts Store”

One of the small ways in which I tried to make a big difference was to skip the trip to the local Hallmark store when holidays rolled around and, instead, try to create more “personalized” cards for our children.  At times, as in the Valentine’s Day card that follows, I tried to be a little creative, which, fortunately, modern technology allows all of us the luxury to do with a just a few clicks of a mouse.  More often than not, however, creativity wasn’t required.  All that was demanded was a few quiet moments to reflect on the things that matter most and a willingness to speak from my heart.  Believe me, the words/sentiments are there and, most importantly, they’re longing to escape – that goes particularly for the dads among us.  Moreover, there is no shortage of holiday “opportunities” to “unburden” your heart of the things you’ve always wanted to say, but somehow never found the time or the way – two, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are just around the corner.  Just pause for a moment and take a look inside, you’ll find the right words – I promise!

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