“Life Is Like A Box Of . . .” – Golf Balls?!?

There are many aspects of human nature I find difficult to understand.  Near the top of that list is the extent to which the uncertainties in life often make us fearful, rather than eager, to fully embrace the gift of a new day.  Indeed, too often that fear becomes so overwhelming that it effectively paralyzes us from moving forward.  I don’t believe that’s what the giver of that gift intended.  To the contrary, I believe not knowing what may be in store for us “just around the corner” is an integral part of what makes life interesting, adventurous, exciting – worth living.  I’m not sure when I first stumbled upon that thought, but, looking back through some of my writings, it was at least 12 years ago, when, after watching my son drain a very improbable 55 ft. birdie putt en route to winning a local junior tournament, I sat down and wrote one of those letters I mentioned earlier this week (“apologies” for another golf metaphor):

november 16, 2000

dear greg,

somewhere in this box (a dozen new Titleists), there’s a ball or 2 or 3 (heck maybe it’s the entire dozen) with something “magical” attached to it – maybe it’s your first hole-in-one, maybe it’s a 30 ft. birdie putt when you least expect it, maybe it’s one of your “patented” eagles from the fairway, maybe it’s the “perfect” 7-iron over water to a tight pin, maybe it’s simply a 4-footer to salvage a “must par” to lead your team to a play-off victory.  that’s part of the beauty and excitement of golf (life) – you never know when something spectacular might happen. but, one thing’s for sure, the only way to experience the “magic” these balls may have to offer is to play EACH AND EVERY SHOT with CONFIDENCE and TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!!!  congratulations on your two JPT victories and best of luck this weekend!!

love, dad


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