A Miracle – 25 Years In The Making (And, Thankfully, Still Counting!)


Dear Ashley,

I wonder . . .

I wonder if you know how very grateful mom and I are to simply be able to write these words: Happy 25th Birthday, Ashley!

There were times, not so long ago (many, in fact), when doctors cautioned we might never get the chance to see your 21st. But then, they didn’t really know (or fully understand) you, did they, Ash?

They underestimated your courage, the resiliency of your spirit, your determination (dare I say it, your stubbornness?) and, ultimately, in spite of all you have endured, your desire to live.

Because you proved them “wrong,” it is those of us who love you who have the most reason to celebrate today. We are the recipients of the greatest gift this birthday has to offer – you!

Wishing you a happy day!

With All Our Love,

Dad & Mom


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