Kirsten Haglund Appreciation Day!


My experience has been that people who have overcome (or are well on their way to overcoming) significant adversity in their life (I won’t mention any names here: Alison, Ashley, Kirsten, Kristen, Leighton, etc.) seldom, if ever, give themselves the credit they have earned and so richly deserve. They’re just not the kind of folks who are inclined to “self-appreciate” (i.e., to give themselves a “hearty pat on the back” for mustering the courage, “sticktoitiveness” and patience required to first confront and, ultimately, conquer what most objective observers would consider to be  insurmountable obstacles).  But that shouldn’t stop the rest of us from doing it for them – from instigating periodic “flash mobs for their souls”!  And so, with that in mind, I thought I’d kick things off by designating today: “Kirsten Haglund Appreciation Day” – and, in doing so, provide an opportunity for all whose lives have been touched by this remarkable young woman to express their love, admiration and thanks (in as few or as many words as you choose) via Social Media.  Let’s do this!

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