A Reflection On Gratitude


December 31, 1987

Dear Cyndy,

As I look back on 1987, I am eternally grateful, notwithstanding my intermittent complaints, for having had the opportunity to share more time with Greg than I would (or could) have had we not had “problems” with this pregnancy.  I’ll never forget the 10 days that Greg and I spent “getting to know each other” in Myrtle Beach, nor, I suspect, will he!!! (Somehow, I sense that the “bad dreams” he’s been having lately emanate from my efforts to change his diaper in the lavatory of a 727 en route to that “vacation”!?!).  Since that trip, I’ve felt incredibly close to Greg and, although he “seldom says so,” I can’t help but think he feels much closer to his dad as well.  He is one of God’s greatest blessings to us!

I will also remember 1987 as a time of healing – a time when God bestowed a miracle on us in the strength of a child who simply refused to relinquish her “right to life” despite what unbeknownst to her were overwhelming medical odds.  I (already) thank God for the gift of our second child and for sparing us the grief of losing her and having to confront questions of what might or could have been.  I’m also thankful for you and your resolve throughout this difficult pregnancy.  I’m sure I’d have gone nuts if similar restrictions were placed on me for even a few days, let alone several months.  I know it hasn’t been easy for you and I admire and love you for your patience – and (mostly) good attitude through it all.

Actually, the list of the objects of my gratitude is long: Lisa (Greg’s early caretaker); a new appreciation for the “plight,” sacrifices and stamina of working moms; and a better understanding of the joys, challenges and responsibilities of parenting.  And then, of course, there’s the list of “complaints”: too many dishes that need to be washed; clothes, dirty diapers and floors that need to be cleaned; too many dinners that looked and tasted too much alike; too little free/me time, etc.  Still, the good, indeed the great, far outweighed those things!  Here’s where I come down on it:  When all is said and done, I think we both should take a minute (and a step back) to reflect on and thank God for the year that was 1987 – a year neither of us likely will ever forget!

With All My Love,



6 days later, Ashley was born – several weeks early, but, thankfully, healthy.

One thought on “A Reflection On Gratitude

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Don. I’m thankful for you, for 1987, and for all the years and events we have gone through TOGETHER. Your support and love has made all the difference. Love,


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