Dear Curious Kids

Dear Curious Kids,

It’s funny you should ask this question, because it’s the same one I’ve been asking my Heavenly Father where He and I are concerned since I was a very young man: “Knowing all that You do about me, how could You possibly still be standing in my corner?” I’ll give you the same answer I keep getting in response: “My Dear Child, I have known and loved you since before you were born. I know the truth about you and, as hard as it may have been at times, I have never let your humanity (or the frailties that come with it) obscure my view of that truth. So, as long as you’re willing to keep fighting, I’m prepared to keep loving – unconditionally!” Seems to me if He is willing to do that for me, making and staying true to that same commitment (albeit imperfectly) is the very least I can do for you.

With All My Love, Dad

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