Morning Exercise Routine (Day 2)


Inhale (deeply and slowly). Exhale. Do 10 repetitions. Now, give yourself a high five! Why? Because you’ve been given the GREATEST GIFT of all, a gift that 6,744 Americans received yesterday, but did not receive today: The gift of a NEW DAY! And the best part is you get to choose how to use it. For some it will be a chance for a new beginning, to forgive or be forgiven, an opportunity for much needed rest and re-charging. For others, a chance to inspire or be inspired, to serve as an instrument of change or hope – one day further removed from a past they’d just as soon forget and one closer to the person they aspire to be. Maybe it will be enough for some to simply “live it” and in doing so choose Life! Whatever it is you choose to do with it, I encourage you to do it with gratitude and the uncluttered heart of a child on Christmas morning.

#onlylovetoday #thisexercisethingisexhausting #forwardlooking #justshowup

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