Morning Exercise Routine (Day 3)


Begin with your hands at your side, then bend at the elbows until they are in front of you (palms up) at waist height and stare at them. Open and close them. Wiggle your fingers. Aren’t hands amazing! Think about all the remarkable things you’ve used them for through the years – to grasp, to climb, to write, to draw, to sculpt, to play a sport or musical instrument, to build, to cook, to splash, to wipe away tears, to turn the pages in a book, to sign to the deaf, to instruct, to give and receive high fives, to comfort, to caress, etc. – and all they’ve done for you. Now this is where the exercise gets difficult. Make a commitment to be especially aware of (and #grateful for) the many roles they will play in your life today and make it a point, before day’s end, to use them to touch another’s heart.

#handsrock #thepowerofone #reachoutandtouchsomeone #exerciseisfun

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