Morning Exercise Routine (Day 4)


Anyone who’s ever broken a bone that required casting knows the speed with which our muscles atrophy with non-use and, last night, it occurred to me that our heart – the most powerful and important muscle in our body – is equally susceptible to that same phenomena. Why then do so many of us insist on building walls around it, masking it, using substances and other unhealthy behaviors to try and numb it and, in the process, deprive it of the exercise it needs to remain strong? I’m not talking about a 5 mile run or walk, a grueling CrossFit session or another aerobics, step or Zumba class. I’m talking about real exercise, the kind that can only come from experiencing the full range of emotions it was so beautifully designed to handle: love, hope, joy, sadness, passion, acceptance, rejection, empathy, compassion, disappointment, frustration, fear, loss, gratitude, etc. Want to give your heart the workout it’s been thirsting for? Tear down the walls, peel away the masks, put down your numbing agent of choice and allow yourself to really feel for a change. Believe me, the more “repetitions” you do the stronger you (and your heart) will get. I promise!

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