A Table For Two


“All those years of darkness can make a person blind.” I’m Changing by Jennifer Hudson

“Why are you crying?” she asked, finally breaking the awkward silence that filled the space between her just having placed her soul in the middle of the table of our window seat at a quaint Starbucks outside Baltimore and my misguided search for “right words” in response.

“I’m not entirely sure,” I replied.

“Maybe it’s your willingness to be so vulnerable.

Maybe it’s the gentleness and frailty of your spirit.

Maybe it’s your courage and commitment to persevere.

Maybe it’s your other-centeredness, which is so rare these days.

Maybe it’s your beautiful, child-like nature.

Maybe it’s how empathetically and lovingly you talk about others.

Maybe it’s your passion and compassion.

Maybe it’s your tenderness – the fullness of your heart.

Or maybe it’s the glimpse I caught, as you were talking about your dreams, of how much more beautiful the world will look when you finally, fully step into the light.”

“And you?” I continued, as tears were now streaming down the sides of her face.

“Because I would give anything to see ‘me’ that way for even a day,” she confided.

“One day you will,” I assured her, praying that a droplet from my hope-filled heart would spill out and germinate a seed in hers, “because it’s true – the ‘me’ I see IS you.”

A faint smile and warm hug greeted my parting words and with them we were off –

me to keep the flame of hope alive, her to continue the hard work of recovery.


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