Because You’re In It


Because you’re in it, the world is . . .

a more beautiful place,

a softer place,

a kinder place,

a more sensitive place,

a more compassionate place,

a sweeter place,

a more empathetic place,

a more creative place,

a funnier place,

a more joyful place,

a little quirkier,

a gentler place,

a more loving place,

a more understanding place and

a more forgiving place.

It also is . . .

a smile richer,

a teardrop moister,

a hug warmer,

slightly more imperfect,


a scar (or two) more real.

These are the things that matter.

They are but a few of the reasons you matter.

They are why you are in the world.

And why you need to stay in it.

You may not always be in a place where you can see these truths about you.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not there to be seen – they are.

Look closer.

Use others’ eyes at times if you must.

Then, love you.

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