A Note To A Heart Questioning Its Worth


Several months ago, I received a note from a gentle heart questioning its worth, wondering if anyone would miss “it” if tomorrow it just “disappeared” – fearful it had become a burden, “let down” too many who had dedicated so much to its survival. Chances are if you love someone battling or in recovery from an eating disorder or addiction, you’ve heard similar words from their heart and if you are the one suffering you’ve likely spoken and felt the weight of them more times than you can bear to think about. Here was my response:

Dear Jen,

This is not about letting me or anyone else down, nor are you, have you ever been, or will you ever be “a burden”. This is about fighting for a beautiful heart – yours.

It’s about a disease that’s hell-bent on keeping that heart, which longs to be set free, captive – hidden from your and the rest of the world’s view.

Like the rest of us, the disease knows the truth about you. The difference is: We want that truth to shine through. It doesn’t. It is intent on distorting it.

And so, the battle lines are drawn. It’s you (and those who love you) against The Bully. You are the prize, Jen.

I sense the frailty and vulnerability of your spirit in your note. They are some of the many attributes that make you so beautiful.

But, make no mistake: You also are strong and courageous. The Bully knows that too. He fears that. The “slips” in your recovery are manifestations of his fear – not yours.

You deserve healing, Jen and I believe you have the resolve and the strength to claim it, to retake possession of your life. In fact, I’m certain of it.

Truth is: Recovery is the only option here. “Jen” is too important to throw in the towel and you, my friend, are the BEST (and only) hope she has – you and the One who created you.

I urge you to breathe in that truth – your truth – knowing that I am in your corner, that I am FOR “Jen” 100%, and that I’m not going anywhere until her heart runs free!

Would anyone miss you? You tell me.



*image credit: frasesbonitasweb


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