What Courage Looks Like


To the Young Woman in the Silver Hyundai,

I “see” you.

I see your early morning tears.

I see the pain.

The fear.

The uncertainty.

The self-doubt.

The weariness.

The loneliness.

The wondering if it’s all worth it.

Another minute . . .

Another Monday . . .

Another week . . .

And my heart is breaking for you.

I’ve been there.

I know you likely had 100 good reasons not to get out of bed this morning.

But, you found ONE – and mustered the courage required – to do it!

To get up.

To take the next step.

To keep fighting.

To keep hope alive.

Maybe it was the love of a child who’s convinced you hang the moon.

Maybe it was the quiet assurance of a lover, spouse, or partner that “today would be different”.

Maybe it was a gentle, late night reminder from a parent of the qualities that make (and always have made) you uniquely beautiful.

Maybe it was an also hurting friend you promised to see.

Maybe it was the infectious smile of the barista that always greets you when stop at the neighborhood coffee shop to grab your morning cup of joe.

Maybe it was a commitment you made to a caring therapist.

Maybe it was the “wake up kiss” from a four-legged friend.

Or maybe you just decided to honor the little girl in you – one more time.

Whatever it was today, I’m grateful for it!

I admire you.

I believe in you.

I’m praying for you – right now.

And I will hold you in my heart today.

You are a WARRIOR!

Signed, The Old Guy In The White Honda Civic


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