There’s A Princess In The Tower

Rapunzel Forgotten Sarah Schloss

I have a friend who . . .

in the darkness left behind by years of



physical and emotional abuse,

broken relationships,




breaches of trust, and


has lost sight of just how beautiful she is,

of her worthiness,

of all the things that make her unique,

of the preciousness of her giver’s heart,

of her capacity to love and her lovability –

of the playfulness and fragility of her tender, child-like spirit.

Maybe you are my friend or maybe you know someone like her.

Either way, know (or let them know) this . . .

I see you.

I see the truth about you.

I hear “her” gasping for air buried beneath a lifetime of lies and distortions.

It’s as clear, pure and refreshing to me as a mountain stream.

And I plan to stay in your life until you to see it, believe it, embrace it, and begin living it – again – the way you once did as a little girl.

You matter too much – are too valuable – to continue playing the role of invisible.

Your 4-year-old, bad ass self is counting on you to unlock the chains and set her free.

You’re the only hope she has – you and the God who created you.

Now is the time!


*Image Credit: “Rapunzel, Forgotten” by Sarah Schloss