A Valentine’s Day Wish From Your Inner Child


Lots of people may have gotten it wrong where loving you is concerned . . .


when what was needed was encouragement


when a little bit of understanding would’ve gone a long way

turned a deaf ear,

when all you wanted was to be heard


when your parched heart thirsted for affirmation

offered a cold shoulder,

when what your weary soul longed for was a warm embrace

harshly criticized,

when compassion and empathy were the soothing balm you sought

shut you out,

when you desperately needed to be invited in

clung to past missteps,

when forgiveness was what you hoped for

been blind,

when your pain was in plain sight . . .

But you don’t have to be one of them!

You can love “you” differently –





unapologetically –

the way you’ve always wanted to be loved,

deserve to be loved,

were created to be loved,

are worthy of being loved.

And, you can speak to “you” differently . . .

with words that encourage

with words that affirm

with words that forgive

with words that are kind and gentle

with credit due.

What would that Valentine’s Day gift to “you” look and feel like . . .

a warm candle-lit bath?

a quiet afternoon with a favorite book?

a night out (or in) with your favorite meal?

a pen and a blank sheet of paper?

snuggles with your four legged friend?

a day’s respite from an artificial number on a scale?

playing hooky and picnicking at your special place?

a long drive to nowhere in particular?

time spent with favorite photographs?

a “to do” list (or two!) torn to shreds?

a smile in the morning mirror?

a whispered word of affirmation?

Truth is: The best way to show others how you long to be loved is to live and love “you” that way.

Why not start today – right now?