Morning Exercise Routine (Day 5)


When I was a kid, I marveled at the way Superman could stiff arm a speeding locomotive to a stop – seemingly without breaking a sweat. But, I suspect even the Man of Steel would find today’s work-out challenging! Why? Because today we’re going to “exorcise” our mind in an effort to stop a self-destructive thought (or two) before they can become a mindset and re-direct those that already have to a more life-affirming path. Ready to get started? First, I need you root out (and I do mean root out, as in from their roots) the thorn bushes of Despair that populate your mind and replant seeds of Hope. Once that’s done, ferret out the Lies and Distortions from every nook and cranny and replace them with the Truth – YOUR TRUTH. Next, grab Indifference, Bitterness, Fear of Failure and Shame by the naps of their scrawny little necks and cast them out. In their stead, sew Passion, Gratitude, Expectancy of Success and Self-Empathy. Once those are firmly in place, show Perfectionism the door and offer a long, warm, welcoming embrace to Humanity! Just one more thing: Pick up Patience and dispense with the idea that any of this needs to (or will) happen in just one session. It won’t! Heck, I’m exhausted just writing about it, which is why I saved this one for last – so that you would have an entire weekend to recuperate before starting your “Morning Routines” all over again!

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